// a cost efficient and speedy hiring process

Hire vetted Developers within 96 hours - not in weeks or months

For most of our SME clients, the hiring of new staff is a lenghty and costly process. Uncounted ads but limited outcome due to the shortages of skilled people in IT or Engineering. Furthermore, all candidates need to be vetted. Leave this work to us and hire vetted developers for projects or long term (senior or intermediate) in days not months and safe time and money. swissminds offers the ultimate solution for fast pace projects from as little as 33.00 CHF (33.00 €) per hour. Sign more projects and stay in control of your processes – start hiring with us today. 

Whether you want to build up your own team, managed by yourself or need an experienced team of developers for custom developments – we are the right partner.

// Compare Hiring through us with other Alternatives

See why hiring a Developer through us pays off

Traditional agency
Traditional employment
Cost per hour
33.00-44.00 CHF/€
90-175 CHF/€
Time to hire or appoint
2 - 4 weeks
2-4 months
Recruitment cost
Legal Risk & Employment Issues
Typically high
Termination costs
Typically high
Typically high

Rely on 15 years experience and sound knowledge.

Quick Support

We support our customers 24/7 throughout the year.

Best Solutions

Gather your own dedicated team of software experts.

Various Contract Types

Enjoy the choice of various contractual agreements

Strong Management

We’ll keep teams under control and create a nice work environment.

Best Database

Find your people through our existing database for developers.

Great Engineering

Achieve top performance through sound software engineering.

Unique Design

Enjoy unique designs through custom software developments.

// Hiring a Developer for a Project or long Term

4 Simple Steps

Through swissminds you gain access to a wealth of vetted developers for projects (short or long term). Compared to a direct employment, our solution keeps you flexible. Hire developers for projects when needed and cut employment obligations off. We offer developers for surprisingly low costs per hour: Hire Java developers from 33,00 CHF / EUR or PHP developers from 32,00 CHF / EUR. We cover all skill sets and all programming languages so what are you waiting for?

The hiring process is easy and straight forward. Contact us and tell us about the required skills and you will receive an offer. Choose among a short list of candidates and hire the candidates you think may fit.

We assist you in the process of outsourcing and/or creating a new team of developers to battle staff-specific shortage issues a business may face.

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