// Since 2004 a Hot Spot for IT-related Services

Czech republic
IT-Hiring & Recruitment

Since the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004, the country became a Hot Spot for IT-related services in the EU.  However, even before, the focus lied on technical education. The Czech Republic has a highly educated workforce for technical job descriptions, whether Engineering or Software Development.

Due to high demand, a hiring firm will almost certainly struggle to find the right candidate for any technical or IT-Job role, despite having a workforce of more than 350,000 highly skilled people. Nevertheless, through our offices in Prague and our expansive network, we are able to help. 

Hence, the Czech Republic is a Jurisdiction to recommend. Please see our Country Indicator down below and contact us for further information.

// What you need to know

Czechia Country Facts


- 10.7 Mill. Inhabitants (2020)
- Languages Czech, Slovak
- ICT Development Index Rank 28 (2017)
- approx. 50 % of Population with higher Education (Bachelor & Master)
- IT workforce 316 thousands


Key facts

Key facts

- EU-Association and EU-Access
- EU-Recruitment possible
- Short Travel Distances


For Customers

For Customers

- Project Hiring for smaller Budgets
- Short-Term Projects
- Developers on-demand


For Startups

For Startups
// What you need to know II

Czechia Workforce Facts

Large Technical Universities

Czechia has larger 11 technical Universities, whereas the CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague educates 24,000 students alone. Further 43,000 international students, creating a wealth of future highly skilled experts, ready for good jobs in the Czech and international labour markets.

K +
IT & Technical Students

More than 65 % aim for higher education at Universities. A vast majority thereof joins technical fields such as Engineering or Programming. These advanced technologies attract 26 K national and a further 43 K international students. However, there’s a shortage of workforce in the IT-sector as the sector is booming and highly skilled workers move abroad too.

K +
Highly Skilled IT & Engineering

One may find for each project the right team members – highly skilled, motivated and adaptable – if sourced via an extended network. Contact us for team extensions, the relocation of existing teams (also from crisis regions) and recruitment.

% +
Cost Savings

The Czech minimum wages are lower than in other EU-Countries (1,646 EUR/2020). However, average salaries for the IT-sector range between 3.8 K and 5.8 K Euros. Despite having higher salaries compared to other Jurisdictions, good savings are achievable.

// Considerations

Czechia Country Indicator

Moving a Team from another Provider

Move your team to us to benefit from outstanding services.

Short-term Projects

Suitable for a team for short-term projects.

Extension of an existing Team

Increase the Power and Output of your Team.

Building-up a new Team

Excellent Jurisdiction. Low wages and good skilled workforce.

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