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Dedicated Team Solutions
Custom Software & Technologies used

We at swissminds are committed to successfully implementing your project and will do everything we can to make it a reality. However, there are several ways to approach a project. Smaller SMEs in particular and new customers without own development department may wonder what the best approach of implementing a project could be. To find your very own way, why not get a quick overview with our flip boxes and give us a call to talk about it. Please remember – swissminds is your one-stop shop for all tasks related to general outsourcing and offering nearshoring at several locations, recruiting highly qualified personnel (also for Switzerland and the EU). In addition, we act as management consultants and support clients in achieving their goals. Got an unsuccessful, wrecked-up project? Speak to us to see what we can do.

Thanks to our extensive network, we can support you with your project and personnel requirements abroad. Get the talent you need to make a project happen.

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Team Solutions

Team Solutions

We offer multiple choices of how to set up and run your team. Some clients prefer being involved in the software or product development or want to manage the processes entirely by themselves. Others prefer a solution, where we are taking the lead. However, the borders to dedicated software developments are blurry and we can find solutions that suit fit.

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We use a wide range of technologies to successfully implement each project and cover almost any programming language, even "older" languages. This comes in handy if clients have to improve or extend existing software.


Project Types

Project Types

Whether the creation of individual software by us, solely the team management on site (taxes, law, recruitment and management) but without product development or an individual solution that combines parts of both project types - everything is conceivable and can be agreed at the beginning of the project and later adapted will.

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Custom Software

Customs Software

Takes place at our discretion. We speak your language and manage the team. We discuss the progress in regular meetings. You are involved and will have your say. We are responsible for a timely delivered project with the budget. Full-service but cost-efficient.

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