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swissminds was founded almost 15 years ago in Friborg / Switzerland and since then has supported larger corporations as well as SMEs and start-ups, offering IT-Consulting for Outsourcing and the Establishment of Development Teams abroad. Here, we offer both dedicated solutions for Nearshoring and Offshoring. Our task is to offer our broad customer base affordable added value, and we are mainly involved in the IT and engineering sector. Customers are in good hands for all tasks related to nearshoring at several locations and recruiting highly qualified personnel (not for Switzerland and the EU). In the beginning, we were only active as HR advisors and business coaches for the recruitment of our own group companies. Today, due to this strong connection to an international IT group, we also offer individual team development (establishment, expansion and relocation) in nearshoring for our international customers. This means that our customers have a permanent and personal contact in Switzerland & Liechtenstein and contractual obligations just there, whereas swissminds enters into contractual agreements with our respective local group companies. However, swissminds does not operate a business that requires a license as a recruitment agency or staff lending agency in Switzerland.

We can help you with your staffing needs abroad due to our far reaching network. Get the talents you may need.

We are currently redesigning this part of the website. If necessary, please request our terms and conditions.

Please request our additional regulations for nearshoring and offshoring if required. These are usually also explicitly named in the respective offers.

Our terms of payment are offered on a project basis. If there is no such regulation, invoices are due and payable within 20 days of the date of issue.

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