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// About Nearshoring & Recruitment

Why Nearshoring can help to resolve issues

For some of our SME clients, the nearshoring process is completely new. On the other hand, the awareness of skilled-workers-shortages is  well known. To be and stay competitive, enterprises of all sizes have to focus on recruitment of talented people. Here Swissminds kicks in. We are the partner of choice for some of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA, BI, nearshoring and related consultancy services.

Whether you want to build up your own team, managed by yourself or need an experienced team of developers for custom developments – we are the right partner.


Rely on 15 years experience and sound knowledge.

Quick Support

We support our customers 24/7 throughout the year.

Best Solutions

Gather your own dedicated team of software experts.

Various Contract Types

Enjoy the choice of various contractual agreements

Strong Management

We’ll keep teams under control and create a nice work environment.

Best Database

Find your people through our existing database for developers.

Great Engineering

Achieve top performance through sound software engineering.

Unique Design

Enjoy unique designs through custom software developments.

// About recruitment & team building

4 Simple Steps

Swissminds is your experienced partner if it comes to nearshoring and team building. Based on our local knowledge and network, and native language skills, we are quite successful in hiring people. For ourselves to enhance custom software developments and of course for dedicated, client lead teams.

We assist you in the process of outsourcing and/or creating a new team of developers to battle staff-specific shortage issues a business may face.


Evaluate your firm's needs with assistance of our experts. Plan ahead, create budgets and time frames.


We create Candidate Requirement Profiles and streamline assessment of possible candidates.


Let Swissminds take care of the whole onboarding process, including full necessary documentation.


Start developing your software, product design or prototype. Test and validate your ideas.

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// Candidates from our database

Latest Entries

PHP Developer
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Good skills, PHP, various Frameworks, MySQL and Mongo.

+3 year of expirence
4850€ / month
Skills: PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter
Project Manager
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Multi-lingual, excellent management skills. Kanbas, Agile and Scrum.

+7 year of expirence
5200€ / month
Skills: Kanban, Agile, Scrum
Java Developer
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Experienced. Java, Java Script, Kubernetes, Docker.

+8 year of expirence
6400€ / month
Skills: Java, JavaScript, Docker

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Which options for team management do you offer?

Swissminds gives you the flexibility you need. We offer suitable team management solutions according to customers needs. Full managed teams (recruitment and staff management), project management (teams and product management) as well as custom software developments. All within your budget and delivered in a timely manner.

Do you have access to qualified candidates?

The Swissminds team is multi-lingual and has of course access to local employment markets including HR agency, recruitment agencies and employment portals in any country we operate. Further, we have our own database of some hundred developers and engineers.

Recruitment & Assessment of Candidates

Swissminds helps you to define your needs in regard to candidates. The first step is always a candidate profile. We then search, evaluate and match candidates to create your team.

We do not feel comfortable to speak in a foreign language. How can you help?

Swissminds has Swiss/German roots but is active in foreign countries for almost two decades. Most of our team members are multi-lingual and/or native speakers in the countries we operate our business. To cut a long story short, we can assign a manager to your project.

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