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Nearshoring Ukraine

Relocation of Ukrainian Teams

We are aware that quite some clients have to reorganize their business.  Whether relocation existing teams (at least the foreigners) or rebuilding dedicated development teams in a new jurisdiction. We have been in the same, unexpected situation, and suspended our operations in Kiev for an uncertain period. A relocation of your teams is a smooth and straight-forward process. Not sure, which jurisdiction is the best option for you? We operate six jurisdictions now and we are pleased to talk about your needs and ideas.

Remember, we swiftly help you to relocate nearshoring teams from Ukraine to other jurisdictions.  In anticipation of a major crisis, we started securing new premises and building up teams at other locations, e.g., in Bulgaria, Czechia and in Dubai already weeks ago. Relocations there are usually to be implemented promptly. If you need to keep your business up and running, we may have sustainable solutions for you.

swissminds GROUP offers nearshoring, offshoring and recruitment in all facets – from full services contracts to housing and recruitment only, in locations to suit your needs. Due to our extensive network of recruitment companies and our own contacts, we can react promptly to customer needs. Even if you just want to hire new specialists or expand an existing team, we are there for you. We search dozens of national and international job portals and use our growing network to hire talent and expand our candidate database.

Ring us or drop a line to secure an appointment for a non-binding discussion.

swissminds Group, 12th April 2022

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