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Changes to Tax Code in 2022

The tax authorities in Belarus announced various changes to the SST tax regime (Simplyfied System of Taxation without VAT) in 2021, which came into force in January 2022. The new tax rates are 6% for qualifying work and 16% for non-qualifying work. All types of software development fall under the first category, whereas general services […]

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Nearshoring as an important success factor for Swiss SMEs

It is widely known, the Swiss Economy, mainly the IT sector, banking and insurance as well as industrial sector urgently need specialists in the fields of engineering and IT. Not only larger enterprises feel the shortage of skilled workers; small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular are exposed to this latent shortage of skilled workers […]

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Nearshoring as a strategic competitive factor for SMEs

The German IT industry, and in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), see themselves exposed to a latent shortage of skilled workers due to several factors (BMWi, 2012; Destatis, 2019). Problems arise, among other things, from inadequate training but also from legal uncertainty for self-employed IT experts who migrate from Germany as a result (GULP […]

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