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Nearshoring in Belarus in unchanged stable situation

Due to the ongoing tensions between the EU and Belarus and the associated sanctions, we are regularly asked by customers and interested parties whether it makes sense to stay in Belarus or to look for alternatives.

Basically, there are no local restrictions and impairments so far that would necessitate a hasty termination of nearshoring activities in Belarus. It is true, however, that a few large companies are relocating their teams to other jurisdictions. Along with this, a completely new team is usually set up. This not only generates avoidable costs for headhunting / recruitment, but above all, know-how is also lost. Developers who have worked for customers for years are released or assigned to new projects. At the new location, you first must laboriously develop this know-how again.

Any moving large companies are therefore not necessarily disadvantageous for SMEs that have teams on site that you have worked with for a long time. Rather, there are opportunities to make additions or improvements to the team, as more, well-trained candidates are entering the job market.

So, before you consider moving, we recommend talking to us. We can then speak about the current situation and discuss options or alternatives. Rest assured that we will find a solution for you and can transfer teams to us in a timely manner. We would be happy to hear from you via our contact form.

swissminds AG supports its customers in a first step, the evaluation, and in particular in the determination of needs and possible location. We currently offer solutions at five locations within our IT group, but we are flexible and can respond to customer requests. This is also possible with smaller teams. We basically offer three different contract variations to meet the needs of our customers. Pure on-site employee management is just as conceivable as agile project management in cooperation with the customer or the creation of customer-specific software.

We can therefore only encourage companies to contact us in order to discuss suitable solutions without obligation and, if necessary, implement them together.

swissminds AG (ISANDO GROUP), 27/12/2021

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