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nearshoring Solutions

We help larger Enterprises and mid-sized SME’s to achieve their goals. Nearshoring is the key to recruit urgently needed, excellent developers, engineers and other IT-specialists. Hiring these people means to act globally. This is where we kick in. We operate and maintain facilities in various countries of choice and support all sectors with a reliable, but cost efficient team management in multiple locations. Traditionally we had our focus in Eastern Europe but added recently Dubai, Spain and Morocco to our portfolio to diversify our operations. For some years now, we manage own teams in both Spain and Dubai and will offer dedicated services to customers too.

// Nearshoring offers uncounted Opportunities

Optimize your workflow with own developers and impress with innovations

We can help you transform your business. Generate competitive advantages through your own developer and engineering teams. Cost-effective and flexible.

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Nearshoring in 8+ Countries worldwide