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Dubai massively diversified its economy in the past two decades and has implemented the FTZ-concept (Free-Trade-Zones) for the IT-sector too. Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis turned Dubai into the biggest Data Center Hub in the Middle-East, focusing on Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, IoT and Software Development. The market is growing ever since and IT-spending is expected to reach 8,2 Billion USD in 2023.  Dubai has a highly educated, international workforce for technical job descriptions, whether Engineering, Data Analytics or Software Development. Despite high demand, a hiring firm will almost certainly find the right candidate for any technical or IT-job role, having a workforce of more than 300,000 highly skilled people alone. Furthermore, Dubai is the IT-Hub No 1 in the Middle East, creating a wealth of opportunities. From Dubai, we support our international clients. Through our expansive network, we can build up teams in no time. Hence, a Jurisdiction to recommend. Please see our Country Indicator down below.