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Nearshoring Ukraine

Do political Tensions bring Nearshoring in Ukraine to an end?

Despite all mediation efforts by the West, political tensions in Ukraine continue to rise. It is to be expected that a military conflict may ensue. But what does this mean for on-site nearshoring teams?

Well, nothing good. In such a case, it can be assumed that all communication will be interfered for a certain period. This means that orderly business operations are no longer possible. Even worse, in a case of an invasion, business services may be interrupted for an uncertain period of time. Doing business as usual in a war zone is everything but good.

If you have teams on site, we can only urgently recommend talking to us about alternatives and not delaying necessary decisions for too long. We swiftly help you to relocate nearshoring teams from Ukraine to other jurisdictions.  In anticipation of a major crisis, weeks ago we started securing premises and building up teams at other locations, e.g., in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and in Dubai. Relocations there are usually to be implemented promptly. It is often even possible to persuade deserving developers to move temporarily.

swissminds Group offers nearshoring, offshoring and recruitment in all facets – from full services contracts to housing and recruitment only, in locations to suit your needs. Due to our extensive network of recruitment companies and our own contacts, we can react promptly to customer needs. Even if you just want to hire new specialists or expand an existing team, we are there for you. We search dozens of national and international job portals and use our growing network to hire talent and expand our candidate database.

Get in touch and make an appointment for a no obligation assessment of your situation.

swissminds Group, 20th January 2022


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