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Shortages in Staff – Is Nearshoring a viable solution?

We firmly believe that well-trained employees are one of the key factors for any successful company. Most decision-makers will probably agree with this statement. Due to the shortage of skilled workers, engineers and IT experts are rare and recruiting is a challenging, time-consuming, and costly task. Whether you are looking for developers, network engineers or IT-experts in various fields – you must compete with others for any candidate. Furthermore, candidates often prefer larger, well-known brands, leaving mid-sized SME out of consideration.

This issue will probably lead to a never-ending application process and end with candidates, firms would – under normal circumstances – not take into consideration. The results are typically disappointing, and the loop starts again. Not just larger Multinationals use outsourcing to overcome shortages of any kind. Wouldn’t it be better, to do the same? But experiencing shortages in staff – is Nearshoring a viable solution? We understand that this is a huge task is for small and mid-sized SME. However, the hurdles a way lower with a partner you rely on.

swissminds Group offers nearshoring, offshoring and recruitment (via swissminds – a subsidiary of ISANDO GROUP) in all facets – from full services contracts to housing and recruitment only, in locations to suit your needs. If you just aim to hire new expert staff or want to extend an existing team, we are here to help too. We screen dozens of national and international job portals and use our growing network to hire talents and expand our data base of candidates.

We are looking to forward to hearing from you and wish all our business partners, clients, candidates and prospects a Happy and successful New Year 2022.

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swissminds Group
, 07th January 2022


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